With various mediums of communication and media being available, there is need of "one size fits all" solution in case of images. As bitmap or raster images doesn't scale with changes in size, converting them into vector format is the long-term and preferred solution. VectorPeople offers total vector conversion services:

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Rates: $5 Onwards


If its the memorable moment or your next appeal, there is always need of corrections and improvements. Old photos that lost charm because of dust, humidity or creases can be given new look. Images to use for publishing or details enhancements for perfect results. VectorPeople offers host of photo editing services:

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Rates: $5 Onwards

About Us

VectorPeople is based in India. With collaborative global economy, now every size and shape of company can gain the competitive edge. With quality, service orientation and professionalism, we believe that we are the ideal vectorization and photo editing partner for global mass who seek such services.

Why Us

There are obvious advantages to outsource vectorization and photo editing jobs to VectorPeople. To mention few of them:

  • Broad experience and service offerings
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Broad and significant technological and industry exposure
  • Quality conformance
  • Effective Management practices
  • Dedicated Workforce Asset
  • Effective security practices
  • Effective confidentiality practices
  • Symbiotic affiliations
  • And, above all .. Honest Priced Services

Service Options

If your need the job done urgently, you should consider our Rapid Job service. If you have large job with more than 10 files, you should consider having our Business Account. If you are a professional, you should consider our Pro Services.

Send us your file/s as attachment at with your requirements. We will be get back to you shortly.