For professional and accurate vectors, use our state-of-the-art vector conversion services that are suitable for all your business needs! From banners, signage, corporate identity to advertising and merchandise, use our vector conversion services that have the best quality with a quick turnaround.

Rates: $10 Onwards

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Dedicated clipping path, image masking, drop shadow creation, mirror effect, image manipulation and other services provided with the best quality software and tools!

Rates: $0.30 Onwards

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Now relive your old memories and bring back the shine on age old photographs or damaged ones by using our reputed photo restoration services. Our team of imaging experts handle your treasured photographs with utmost care and provide you with a range of services like photo restoration, repair, retouching, black and white to colour, photo enhancement, colour correction, spot or damage removal and more!

Rates: $10 Onwards

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VectorPeople offers comprehensive services in CAD conversion of documents and images to clients across industry verticals. We have immense experience in AutoCAD, Paper to CAD and vectorization to help you scan and convert your paper documents into accurate CAD files.

Rates: $10 Onwards

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  • “I would like to thank your company for providing me the quality work, quick turnaround, professionalism and good pricing. I look forward to many more positive transactions with your company. Again thank you and your team for the excellent service and quick turn around. Best Regards.”

    Robert Snow, Photo Xpress
  • “Vector People has become one of my most frequently used service. It’s been invaluable in many projects and I love the ease of use and accuracy. Top job and thanks!”

    D. James, Designer, PXR creative
  • “My first week on the job I was able to really impress my boss with your service! I use your service frequently at workplace. Thanks & good work!”

    Justin H., NY – DESIGN PIXEL

VectorConversion Service

With our world-class vector conversion service, you can convert images like JPEGs, GIFs, and PNGs etc. into scalable vectors for all your business needs. Vector People offers professional and cost-effective vector conversion services like raster to vector conversion, logo conversion, logo retouch,corporate identity, signage and vector artwork or illustrations.

  • Corporate Identity
  • Stencils
  • Technical Drawings
  • Maps
  • Clipart
  • Merchandise
  • Engraving &Cutting
  • Line art
  • Publishing
  • Artwork
Inquire Now Rates: $10 Onwards

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VectorPeople provides affordable solutions for Photoshop clipping path services, drop shadow creation, mirror effect, image manipulation, background removal and other image editing services. Using the most sophisticated software and tools like the Photoshop Pen Tool, we can even handle complex processes like customization, colour correction and recoloring.

  • Clipping Path
  • Image Masking
  • Background Removal
  • Photoshop cut-out
  • Drop Shadow Creation
  • Mirror Effect
  • Image Manipulation
  • Cropping & Resize
  • Cleaning & dust removal
  • Web image optimization
  • Colour correction / Recoloring
Inquire Now Rates: $0.30 Onwards

Clipping Path Samples

Clipping Path Service


VectorPeople helps you restore old and damaged photographs to bring them back to their original quality and better. With the latest equipment and technologies, our professionals rebuild a digital version of your photograph and work on it as per your requirements. Whether it is a minor or major damage, fading or stains, water damage, discoloration or cracks, we handle your precious photos with care throughout the restoration process.

  • Photo Restoration
  • Photo Repair
  • Photo Retouching
  • B/w to colour
  • Photo Enhancement
  • Photo Colour Correction
  • Dust / Spot Damage Removal
Inquire Now Rates: $10 Onwards

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VectorPeople provides accurate and high-quality CAD conversion service that is tailor-made for your business requirements. Our highly skilled team of draftsmen and engineers use the latest software to convert paper drawings, hand-drawn sketches, blueprints, scanned drawings and pdf files into highly accurate .dwg files or any other format.

  • Paper to AutoCAD
  • Image to CAD Conversion
  • PDF / Tiff to AutoCAD
  • Re-Drafting Services
  • Raster to Vector Conversion (digitization)
Inquire Now Rates: $10 Onwards

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