Line-art Creation through Vector Conversion

VectorPeople creates lineart through vector conversion. Embroidery stitching patterns, tattoo patterns or creating lineart from various graphic benefit from the flexibility, ease of use and appeal by converting them to vector lineart.

  • Price: $5 onwards.
  • Turn around time: Approx. 24 Hrs.
  • Process:

    Send File ArrowQuoteArrowApprovalArrowVector ConversionArrowSampleArrowPaymentArrowDelivery

    1.) Send File (Send us the file that you want to be converted into vector format)
    2.) Quote (We send you quote per file or for complete job if it consists of more files)
    3.) Approval (Quote approval by you)
    4.) Vector Conversion (We convert graphic to desired vector format)
    5.) Sample (On completion of job we provide you low resolution JPEG sample)
    6.) Payment (Pay through credit card or Paypal)
    7.) Delivery (When we receive your payment, we deliver you the graphic converted into vector format)

Service Options

If your need the job done urgently, you should consider our Rapid Job service. If you have large job with more than 10 files, you should consider having our Business Account. If you are a professional, you should consider our Pro Services.

Send us your file/s as attachment at with your requirements. We will be get back to you shortly.