Vector Conversion Service

What is Vector Conversion?

Vector conversion is a technique of converting digital formats of images such as jpeg, png etc. into vector format. Why convert? The images that are available in the formats of JPEG, PNG etc. could get pixelated when tried to stretch their size or modify their dimensions. Such a kind of blurry image could never be […]

Raster to vector conversion service

A service to convert your raster files into high quality fully scalable vectors for use on banners, vehicle wraps, screenprinting, t-shirts, signage, business cards, architectural lettering, cut vinyl and CAD/routers. No more “jaggies”, pixelation and poor quality logos. Let me trace your artwork for trouble free output. Keep in mind However, keep in mind not […]

Manual vectorization without color/shading blends – 100% true vector

Certain processes such as specialty printing (printing on bottles, pens), plotters, vinyl-cut signs, engraving, and other processes require 100% vectors without soft color blends or shading. The Gradient Shading Below is a photo to vector conversion with no gradient shading or blends. The original raster and the new vector graphic look considerably different. This project […]

Manual vectorization with soft color blends

Here is an example of a recent vectorization from photo to vector (raster to vector). This drawing was for screen printing and, for this particular project, it didn’t have to be drawn using only vectors. In addition to drawing with vectors, some vector graphics programs also have tools that allow you to use pixel-based, raster […]