photo restoration

We help your memories live on in brilliant detail. We restore any photo, no matter the circumstances–even if you dropped it into the water too many times!

Photo Restoration means to return something to its original form, as we use the term, which generally entails enhancing details and color in an image. Vector People specializes in advanced photo-restoration services that can restore nearly any damaged or lost photos by firelight, lightening blemishes from old photographs through digital editing skills like removing acne scars–even making children smile again!

We can restore your favorite photos to look as good today as they did when you first got them! We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques that will make any image shine again by following:

  • A skilled expert will restore your photo.
  • Scratch removal and color correction, as well as the removal of writing and markings.
  • Remove or repair cracks, water damage, fire damage, and other types of damage from old photographs.

Bring us those memories from years ago or protect what’s left of it by bringing our services now before there isn’t enough time left for mistakes anymore. Contact Vector People today!

Photo Restoration vs. Standard Scanning Services

Most of our restoration and photo improvement services are aimed at deteriorating heirloom photographs that have been ruined by time. We can improve images that are:

  • Faded
  • Torn
  • Cracked
  • Spotted
  • Warped
  • Missing Pieces

If you have a photo that is in poor condition, we can most likely restore it to look great again! However, not every image is a candidate for restoration. If your photo is in relatively good condition, you may need a Standard Scan.

Light photo touch-ups, photo color correction, and photo cropping are included with our Standard Scans.

What Kinds of Damaged Photos Can Be Restored? 

The worst enemies of photographs are time, elements, and improper storage. Longer exposure to heat, sunshine, and moisture can cause creases, tears, fading, and other harm. When there is water damage or mold, the emulsion may dissolve or stick together, bleeding ink, weakening the material, and staining it.

The great news is that the effects of aging may be reversed through careful picture scanning and restorative techniques. We are skilled in digital photo restoration and use techniques that enable us to repair digitally.

Repairing Water Damaged Photos

There is a close relationship between the repair of photos that have been damaged by water or fire. Photos are often restored to their former glory after experiencing such extensive damage, which requires experts in photo restoration!

Repairing Damaged Mold Photos 

Mold is a living organism that loves to feast on paper. Therefore, if you have photos that have been damaged by mold, it is best to send them to us as soon as possible. We have a special process for dealing with mold damage that can often salvage the image!

Repairing Torn Photos

Photo Restoration

After we scan your photos, missing picture sections are filled in digitally. It requires a skilled artist’s touch to make it look completely seamless! We specialize in old photo restoration and rebuilding an image from pixel to pixel.

Vector People are the best photo restoration service!

At Vector People, we are dedicated to providing the best photo restoration service available. We use the latest technology and most advanced techniques to restore your photos to their original condition. We understand how crucial it is to preserve memories; whether your photos are damaged by water, fire, or age, we can restore them to their former glory. We also offer a wide range of other services, such as photo retouching, photo enhancement, and more. If you’re looking for the best photo restoration service around, look no further than Vector People.

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