Professional Clipping path

When it comes to cutting a high end, smooth bordered vector path in an image, some real image editing skills have to be considered. Professional Clipping path demands not only a decent amount of precision in cutting the image, but also requires ‘negligible loss of details’ in the process.

But “What exactly is clipping a path?”

Clipping path involves cutting certain selective parts or certain objects in an image to provide them with a selective focus in the image. After the object in the image is cut, it could be provided a whole different background or could be merged inside another image. Clipping path provides a lot of flexibility and could be very useful for giving a better appearance to a product or a design.

Professional Clipping path

Here at VectorPeople, our professionals are extremely concerned about the precision provided in cutting an image, regardless of its difficult nature. Using the highest rated software applications running on the latest and the most effective computer systems for the best result, we’re determined for providing services unlike any of the competitors in the market.

Here are the services we provide at VectorPeople:

  • Dedicated Clipping Path
    • High end clipping with hard or soft edges as demanded
    • Inclusive path and exclusive path cutting
    • Compound path for collectively cutting multiple parts of an image
  • Image Masking
    • For shadowing or hiding unnecessary parts of the image
    • Quality masking of areas in an image with rich attention to details
  • Drop shadow creation
    • Involves creating an ultra-realistic drop shadow
    • Helps in making the objects of the image look 3-Dimensional
    • Quality shadowing with lighting adjustments and a high attention to details
  • Mirror Effects
    • Mirror effects helps in enhancing the appeal of the image
    • Makes the image look uniform and symmetrical
    • Enhances the attention of viewers
  • Image manipulations
    • A variety of image manipulations in terms of lightings, shadows, colours, effects, angles and many more.

Editing and manipulating images is an art. With the right skills and vision, one could get spectacularly professional looking results in a short span of time.

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