Cad Conversions

Handling paper sketches and designs has always been a tricky business for architects and designers. Besides that, making modifications in a paper design could turn out to be extremely cumbersome and time consuming. Having digitalised design proves to be of a great help when dealing with such intellectual, creative properties.

CAD conversions

What is CAD Conversions?

CAD conversion is the process of converting paper sketches and designs into highly precise digitalised AutoCAD files with a dimension-perfect structure.

There are several things crafted on paper that could be converted into CAD files, such as:

  • Foundational Plans
  • Site Plans
  • Electrical Plans
  • Floor Plans
  • Exteriror Plans
  • And several others

Benefits of CAD conversion:

  • Print time and retrieval times are cut down greatly due to digitalised files
  • Flow of information is improved
  • Presentability and dimension accurate designs that could be easily modified
  • Damage and loss of data or designs is avoided

Here at Vector People, we believe in providing the most superior quality of CAD conversions without any errors or flaws.

Our services involve:

  • Increased productivity and control of your designs
  • Quality services at an affordable price
  • Converting any raster image to CAD dimension perfect designs

Converting designs to CAD files requires a team of architects, designers, draftsmen and engineers whose collective skills could help generate a highly precise digitalised CAD. At Vector People, our team comprises of the most skilled and experienced professionals from all over the industry to provide you with a seamless experience of making your paper designs turn into gorgeous and accurate CAD files. With  frequent alerts and updates provided to our clients about the process, our experts shall make the CAD conversions look like a piece of cake!

Sketches and designs are the product of sheer hard work and an unwavering dedication of the designer – At Vector People, we value those painstaking efforts and thus provide you with the most accurate CAD conversions at an affordable price.

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