Vector Conversions

Vector conversion is a technique of converting digital formats of images such as jpeg, png etc. into vector format.

Why convert?

The images that are available in the formats of JPEG, PNG etc. could get pixelated when tried to stretch their size or modify their dimensions. Such a kind of blurry image could never be used for being printed on physical objects.

With the help of Vector conversion, one could get a high end image that doesn’t get pixelated even when tried to expand infinitely. Such a vector image could be used for several purposes:

  • Billboard printing
  • Banner printing
  • Printing on products such as tshirts, pens, memoirs etc.
  • Logo printings

At Vector People, our team of specialists have always got your back. With an expertise in providing Vector Conversion services to a global scope, our team can convert any form of image to vector using the latest tools and technologies. We blend automated vector conversion tools along with manual approaches for providing the most accurate conversions. Our services are trusted by a variety of digital marketing agencies, graphic and web designers and several artists.

Vector conversions

Here‘s a list of types of vector conversions:

  • JPEG to Vector conversion:
    1. JPEG is the most commonly used image format in the world. Converting a JPEG image to vector could be useful for providing it in several different kinds of physical prints and products.
  • Sketches to Vector Conversion:
    1. Professionals such as architects, jewellery designers or artists tend to create sketches of their imaginations. Our team could provide you with modifiable and sharp vectors from the sketches.
  • Photos to Vector Conversion:
    1. Several photographers and businessmen require real world photos to be converted into vectors. Our team could provide vector conversions for such photos with a great attention to the details of the image.
  • Logo to Vector Conversion :
    1. Companies or designers always require their logos to be converted to vectors. Our team of experts is skilled at converting hand crafted logos and designs to vectors.

Whether you need bulk vector conversions or converting singular images or designs to vectors, we at Vector People will always provide you with the most convenient, quality conversions of vectors in a fast, effective manner.

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